Sunday, September 10, 2006

Why I'm doing this

I hear the world is blogging, so I figured I'd get in on it. I'm not in it for fun though, I'm in this to win. That's right, I consider this competitive blogging. If you come here and blog, you better bring a game, otherwise, take your ass to the treeouts blog and work your way up.

Don't email me funny shit. If you think it is funny post it hear, or point me to it. I don't check email anymore anyway because I'm tired of seeing 500 ways to make my penis larger. I've already tried them all and I know it's bullshit.

The other day I'm reading my friend's blog, I see this is a great venue for venting, or even talking when the voices in your head are not good conversation. So here's my blog world - Hope you enjoy.


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