Monday, September 11, 2006

I play poker on line

So, I'm playin poker on-line one night. PartyPoker lets you select your own image that sits where you sit. So, I'm using my wife's unique name and decided to make some alterations to the image she uses. Her name by the way is Dance1Queen. That was funny alone, but I decided, I was going to have an on-line poker persona to go with that name, so I searched Google images hard to find a picture of a transvestite (sp?) with curlers in it's hair and s cigaret hanging out of it's mouth. I was set to play some poker. Was I playing to win - NOPE, hell no, I'm a loosing poker player, but that don't matter - Actually, I'm winning right now as I right this. Back to my story, so I "Dance1Queen" with my outrageous picture am sitting there and what I assume is a guy from Texas has a Long Horns logo up. I'm kicking his ass left and right, for some reason the cards where allowing me to take his money. He starts talking shit on-line. Which happens a lot. I usually just turn off chat, but in this case I had to give him crap, telling him he was a closet fag, and that he was getting turned on by me. It was great. Eventually I took all his money and he was gone. In case you were wondering...I just lost.



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