Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Caption Contest #2

Here's another caption contest. I could honestly surf Google Images for hours. Ok reply with your caption. Since we're all men, I'll bet we come up with the same one.

Have fun.

Not all fun and games

Read this and come back - Hydrogen cars...

...What did you think. I have a serious question for those that like to ponder. Imagine that hydrogen cars where suddenly available in two years normal prices? What effect would this have on the US economy? Not the world economy - the US Economy. I'd love to study this for about a year.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Caption Contest

Here's the picture. To my smart ass friends that like to say dumb shit, here's your chance. Best caption will get his picture posted next week. I vote. Post your caption at a comment.


I play poker on line

So, I'm playin poker on-line one night. PartyPoker lets you select your own image that sits where you sit. So, I'm using my wife's unique name and decided to make some alterations to the image she uses. Her name by the way is Dance1Queen. That was funny alone, but I decided, I was going to have an on-line poker persona to go with that name, so I searched Google images hard to find a picture of a transvestite (sp?) with curlers in it's hair and s cigaret hanging out of it's mouth. I was set to play some poker. Was I playing to win - NOPE, hell no, I'm a loosing poker player, but that don't matter - Actually, I'm winning right now as I right this. Back to my story, so I "Dance1Queen" with my outrageous picture am sitting there and what I assume is a guy from Texas has a Long Horns logo up. I'm kicking his ass left and right, for some reason the cards where allowing me to take his money. He starts talking shit on-line. Which happens a lot. I usually just turn off chat, but in this case I had to give him crap, telling him he was a closet fag, and that he was getting turned on by me. It was great. Eventually I took all his money and he was gone. In case you were wondering...I just lost.


Carlos Mencia

Anyone out there watch Mind of Mencia on Comedy Channel? If not, you're missing out. He's got a stand-up special at the movie store - go rent it. What made me think of this is that the Crocodile Hunter just got killed. First thing that came to my mind is that he shouldn't be playing with pointy-tailed fish. Carlos has a whole act on stupid white people going to the ends of the Earth to play with the most Dangerous Creatures. He makes fun of that one guy in Vegas that got hurt by the tiger. You gotta watch Mencia - Dude is funnnnnny.


Just incase

If you were too lazy to cut and paste, I've turned this into a link. Simply click and turn up the speakers - I PROMISE, YOU WON'T BE SORRY!

Delta Ad

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Funny stuff


If you don't laugh at this, your humor sucks.



Is this blog worthy?

All time favorite


Copy and paste this into your browser. You won't be sorry. If you've already heard it, you'll now why I consider it my alltime favorite Internet Joke thing, or whatever you call it.


Worthy of a first blog

This is just funny. I'm cruising the Internet like it's my job. I'm out in the virtual Himalayas somewhere and I come across this picture. I figured it was blog worthy - your thoughts?

Why I'm doing this

I hear the world is blogging, so I figured I'd get in on it. I'm not in it for fun though, I'm in this to win. That's right, I consider this competitive blogging. If you come here and blog, you better bring a game, otherwise, take your ass to the treeouts blog and work your way up.

Don't email me funny shit. If you think it is funny post it hear, or point me to it. I don't check email anymore anyway because I'm tired of seeing 500 ways to make my penis larger. I've already tried them all and I know it's bullshit.

The other day I'm reading my friend's blog, mylifeinthefort.blogspot.com. I see this is a great venue for venting, or even talking when the voices in your head are not good conversation. So here's my blog world - Hope you enjoy.